Donna Winter (for Cullberg)

Cullberg performed at The Nobel Banquet
in Stockholm City Hall on The Nobel Day,
10 December 2017. The laureates, the
royal family, and other invited guests
attended the banquet that was broadcasted
to an audience of one million in Sweden.
Cullberg performed together with Musica
Vitae, Malin Broman and Lisa Långbacka.
Choreography by Norwegian choreographer
Ludvig Daae, with music by Lisa Långbacka
and Antonio Vivaldi.


“With this piece, I want to emphasize the
joy of winter in Scandinavia. Even though
it is freezing cold, and at times
exhausting, life goes on during these
darkestmonths. So does the dance in this
new piece. As it moves through and on top
of the melancholy and harshness of winter
it insists on energy and light”, says
Ludvig Daae, choreographer.


Donna Winter
Choreography: Ludvig Daae
Dancers from Cullberg:
Agnieszka Sjökvist Dlugoszewska,
Elliot Marmouset*, Eszter Czédulás,
Eva Mohn, Katie Jacobson, Giacomo Citton,
Gesine Moog, Suelem de Oliveira da Silva,
Unn Faleide Cover: Camille Prieux
*Apprentice from ArtEZ, Arnhem
Music: Lisa Långbacka, Antonio Vivaldi
Costume designer: Tove Berglund
Visual advisor: Joanna Nordahl
Rehearsal director: Lisa Drake