SPITI – The House of Us

In Spiti - The House of Us, five dancers move through different memories and sensations
related to home. They carry themselves, each other and their history through a landscape
of relationships and places.

They share the stage with big fabrics where over 80 embroiderers tell their personal
experiences of home. In the meeting point between the people and the handicraft,
a choreography arises in the possibilities of moving, carrying, changing, relating
and re-relating. The dancers build different homes, performing both practical and
emotional work, and examine what traditionally female and male coded arenas are
contained in different types of labor.

Ludvig Daae calls both Sweden, Norway and Greece home. In Spiti, he examines this
rootlessness, which is highlighted by his situation as a freelance artist.
The five on stage have worked on finding the feeling of home within a concept,
a fleeting feeling, a situation, a relationship or a dance rather than a geographical
location. Spiti is Greek and means both home, house and household.


Choreography and concept: Ludvig Daae

Created and performed by: Marcus Baldemar, Ludvig Daae, Linnéa Martinsson,
Amie Mbye, Rina Rosenqvist

Producer: Sara Bergsmark (Johnson & Bergsmark)

Composer: Linnéa Martinsson

Scenography: Tove Berglund and Ludvig Daae

Light design: Ludvig Daae and Björn Kuajara

Costume design: Ludvig Daae in collaboration with the dancers

Technician and technical coordinator: Björn Kuajara

Tailor: Lisa Asplund

Floor carpet: Chrisander Brun

Embroideries: Members of Bærum and Nesbyen husflidslag as well as Erika Hansson,
Ann-Sofi Näslund, Maria West, Tove Gullrikson, Helena Lagerqvist Kouljiok,
Eva Forsgren, Annika Frank , Carmen Valer Blanco, Liza Nordenström, Elmer Eriksson,
Mai Lundell, Pernilla Björnberg, Marie Louise Nilsson, Maria Roos, Annika Ferm Adevall,
Margareta Stoor, Maud Jonsson, Irene Johnson, Linnea Trudevall and Sara Söderlund

Thank you: Ida Wigdel and Ingun Bjørnsgaard

Co-production: Bærum Kulturhus - Dans Sørøst-Norge, Sprang Ål

Residency: MDT Stockholm, Hallingdal Museum, Sprang, Bærum Kulturhus

Financial support: Norsk Kulturråd, Fond for Lyd og Bilde, Viken Fylkeskommune,
Fond for utøvende kunstnere, Svensk Kulturråd.

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