New piece by Ludvig Daae. Premiere in June 2021 at Dansens Hus Stockholm.

Four dancers from different backgrounds allows the unpredictable world and working
conditions surrounding artists today affect and take place in the process. With Ludvig,
they all add their own, individual experiences into the mix and see where their histories
and knowledge overlap and where they are separate. The group learns from each other and
allows the work to develop organically until a common, artistic landscape emerges.
"Landscape" shows that we are all unique and complex, but also included in the same,
enormous community.
Choreography and concept: Ludvig Daae
Dance and choreography: Marcus Baldemar, Amie Mbye, Morgane Nicol, Rina Rosenqvist
Producer: Sara Bergsmark
Set design and lights: Chrisander Brun
Costume design: Tove Berglund
Music composer: William Rickman
Technician: Björn Kuajara
Co-produced by Dansens Hus Stockholm
Financial support: Arts council Norway, Swedish Arts Council, The Audio and Visual
Fund, The Fund for Performing Artists