In MM, Ludvig Daae does a virtual duet with himself. We are invited to see how Ludvig is negotiating with and relating to himself on film in an artistic process where he is both the creator and the performer.

MM plays with how the choreographer is present during the performance and an objectification of the dancer on stage. As MM progresses, new layers appear. The film gets its own role as the language of the film shows a display of things that are impossible to recreate live on stage. Movie creator Joanna Nordahlʼs voice grows as the performance goes on, and the artistic choices she made while editing the film gets more space.

Is the movie a part of the solo or a comment on the solo, and in that case; where are the borders of the solo? Are both the film and the live solo two halves of a whole? From the two versions of the same person, whom do you relate to the strongest? Is it possible for the live solo to function on its own, without the film, or is it dependent on the film as a commentary and filter? Are things happening live for the film to be able to comment on it, or is the film commenting to justify what is going on live?Screen shot flipp

Concept and idea, choreography, dance: Ludvig Daae
DoP, film direction, editing, sound: Joanna Nordahl
B-photo, production assistant, press photo: Karolina Bengtsson Sound recording: Martin Lindström
Grading/post: Johan Wik
Electrician: Mattias Montero
Music: Lune, John De Lira Lindberg
Studio queen: Jenny Herrlin
Technique: Katti Alm

MM was created for, and co-produced by fesvial:display
Thank you: Moderna Museet, Daniel Réhn, MDT, ccap for studio time, Mjuklyx

With the financial support of:

Arts Council Norway

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